Hourglass Productions started in 2012 and has been putting together fabulously hip weddings and events ever since.

Known for being fun to work with as well as professional, the Hourglass team will keep you (and everyone else you are working with) organized and will create your dream party, while you sit back and enjoy. Let them help you create a highly customized event for your special occasion, and trust them to support you – and ‘keep it real’ with you along the way. The Hourglass team is here to create events you and all of your guests will appreciate for years to follow.

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Hi I’m Melissa Boettger, a former Hourglass Productions bride and now wedding blogger. My husband and I met, dated and got engaged in Colorado, but ended up living in Tennessee during our engagement. We couldn’t image getting married anywhere else but in Denver where we had both called home for so long. Every wedding is a story and there is always a story behind that story. I hope to share with you my favorite memories of our Colorado wedding and offer some tips along the way! While we may reside currently in the Seattle area, my heart remains in Colorado.

Hometown: A tiny town in Michigan you’ve probably never heard of
First job: day camp counselor
Cocktail of choice: a very dirty vodka martini
What’s on your phone’s screensaver? Paint splatters
Biggest Addiction: Coffee
At my wedding I HAD to have: My Mom walk me down the aisle
I can’t say “no” to: Anything chocolate
Guilty pleasure TV show: The Big Bang Theory
Ultimate karaoke jam song: “Mickey” by Toni Basil
Random factoid: My cat has lived in more states than most humans

You can see the blog post of my 2014 Denver Botanic Gardens // Board Games and Brunch Wedding here.


Overjoyed (former) Hourglass client.  Californian. Professional motivator of teenagers and amateur maker of pie. My wife can do more pullups than your wife

Hometown: La Mirada, CA
First job: Serving ice cream
Cocktail of choice: An old fashioned or a really good margarita
What’s on your phone’s screensaver? My pup playing at the beach
Biggest addiction: Books
At my wedding I HAD to have: Our huppah
I can’t say “no” to: Happy hour
Guilty pleasure TV show: Bones
Ultimate karaoke jam song: ‘Springsteen’- Eric Church
Random factoid: I was a concierge at a fancy hotel for a year once.  It was great!


I’m a Denver-based journalist, a voracious reader, mediocre tennis player and a lover of good food and good company. My husband and I got married in September 2015 in a joyous, low-key, artsy “wedding-themed” wedding in Denver’s Santa Fe Art District. Oh, and hiring Lauren and Molly was seriously the best decision we made the entire planning process.

Hometown: Cedarburg, WI
First job: Hardware store cashier
Cocktail of choice: Anything with gin
What’s on your phone’s screensaver? A snail I met on the sidewalk in Seattle
Biggest addiction: Buying books
At my wedding I HAD to have: Dance party music.
I can’t say “no” to: Candy
Guilty pleasure TV show: Scandal
Ultimate karaoke jam song: “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie
Random factoid: I went to work once wearing two different shoes and didn’t notice for hours.